ISS BioSense was technical partner and participates in the project PON (Progetto Operativo Nazionale) “Biodefensor” Prodotti innovativi per la decontaminazione detossificazione di agenti nervini ed esplosivi nell’ambiente e/o per la gestione delle emergenze (2013-2015). The main aim objective of the project is through the application of innovative biotechnological, chemical and engineering approaches to gain knowledge that can be used to address issues of considerable interest from the social and economic point of view in the field of citizen security, emergency management and environmental resource conservation. Fundamental is the possibility of accurate bio-monitoring of sensitive infrastructures such as airports, metros, museums and supermarkets, that is, closed and crowded places that are well suited for terrorist attacks with chemical weapons of mass destruction. In particular the ISS BioSense worked on design, development and production of a small, portable and robust mini-fluoriometer prototype, used to detect very low concentration of explosive compounds in the air.





ISS BioSense is technical partner and participates in the European project “Swine diseases field diagnostics toolbox” SWINOSICS, funded within the framework of EU’s Horizon 2020 Programme. The main aim of the project,  is to develop a device for early, field-based, detection of important swine diseases (ASFV, PRRSV, H1N1, PPV, PCV2 and CSF). The device will use swine oral fluid samples as its main input, even though, it will be compatible with the use of other types of samples, such as faeces, blood or nasal swabs. The project is funded by Horizon 2020, the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation for 2014-2020 under Grant Agreement N° 771649. The ISS BioSense is responsible of the dissemination and exploitation activities and in the design, development and production of device prototype.